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David Heilbron PRICE

A former BBC and Fleet Street journalist, David Price writes EurDemocracy news commentaries on several worldwide web sites, specializing in EU politics, communications, energy and strategy. He has degrees in Theoretical and Applied Physics, Ancient History and Theology, and European Studies. He has worked at the European Commission and was Editor of "JRC Science News" and EU’s pre-internet publication, "Information Market." "Jesus, James, Joseph and the past and future Temple," exposes how Jesus, his father Joseph and his brother James were intimately responsible for the work of the Temple and how the Resurrection overturned Rome’s gods and pagan governance. "Brexit and Britain's Vision for Europe" "Don't Brexit, Fix it!" describe the short and long term consequences for Europe. On European Community he has written biographical works on Robert Schuman, founder of European Community that brought Europe its longest period of peace. His books include Community solutions to global politics: "Robert Schuman, Jalonneur de la Paix mondiale" covers the origin of the supranational Community idea before WW1 and the Einstein-Nicolai’s ‘Wake-Up Call to Europeans’ of 1914. "Schuman’s Warning of the Nazi Destruction of the Jews" (2004/2014) on Judeo-Christian opposition to totalitarianism. "Leonardo's French Last Supper," covers Leonardo da Vinci's canvas masterpiece and his work in the pre-Reformation Milan and Rome and his relationship to the Bible and science.