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Carsten Burmeister

en.light.en.ment ... I’m from Hamburg, Germany, now living in Sydney, Australia. My quest as an artist is to document my environment and to comment on life. I began writing my essays in 1987; from the start I have worked on them every day and night; in fact, all but every minute of every day and every night. The book is not finished - it never will be, “an essay (a poem) is never finished, only abandoned” (Paul Valéry); “has anybody ever finished anything?” (Leonardo da Vinci). But I am ready to hand my life’s work over to you, dear reader. This is my response to the likely criticism of my writings: (other than photography) I have formally studied nothing; I am a follower of nothing and I know nothing - except the fact of my frivolity. My writings are frivolous by design: I prefer flippant succinctness over learned elaboration, controversy over predictability, the wicked over the banal. I copy and acquire with abandon, see ECLECTICISM ... CB