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Image of Author Jonathan and Ceilon Aspensen

Jonathan and Ceilon Aspensen

Jonathan and Ceilon Aspensen are a married artistic team who live in Billings, Montana, which is situated on the Yellowstone River in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem between seven mountain ranges. Jonathan is a visual artist, cartoonist and children's book author. Ceilon is a visual artist, art teacher, academic, memoirist, and author of inspirational literature. They enjoy traveling, working art festivals and fairs and book tours, hiking, kayaking, and camping. They are accompanied on their amazing journey by a feisty Papillon-Dachshund cross named Wiley Orion, and a beautiful Lynx-pointe Siamese cat named Frankie Valentine. Jonathan and Ceilon are extremely grateful for the dream-come-true life that they have been blessed with, and all the friends they've made along the way.