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Christopher Day

Christopher Day qualified as a vet in 1972, from Cambridge University and Veterinary School, where he studied both Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. He used homeopathy and worked with healthy feeding from that time. He joined his parents' rural practice in 1973 and soon added acupuncture and other natural medicine and alternative medicine methods to his medical armoury. He founded the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre in March 1987 as a dedicated alternative veterinary medicine referral centre. He works all over the UK, treating all species, whether at their homes or at the AVMC. He teaches widely in the UK and other countries. He writes articles, books and eBooks on many aspects of holistic medicine and conducts clinical research (not animal experiments). As Veterinary Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy, he established veterinary homeopathic training, standards and examinations, both in the UK and abroad. Further information from the office +44 (0)1367 710324 mornings only.