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Bonjour, I am Danielle Sainte-Marie, and I am a poetess and author (poétesse et auteur). I am an intelligent, kind, empathetic human being with a powerful message to those who feel distressed by life. And that message is this: your happiness never lies in the terms of any situation. Rather, your happiness always rests in the perspective you are using to view the situation. Yes, some experiences in life are denser to get through, but that does not mean that you cannot get through even the worst of situations. Change your perspective around, and find the choices you have not been seeing. My style of writing is filled with anagrams, chronograms, ideograms, metaphors, symbolism and several entendres carefully constructed into each and every string of words. I am a proud and fiercely independent author who writes for the sake of pure art, and not for money! Please, visit me at my official site! Kindness, ~DSM, DM (Doctor of Metaphysics).