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Darrel Kaiser

Darrel writes under the names of D. Philipp Kaiser, Darrel Philip Kaiser, and Darrel P. Kaiser. He troubleshot and repaired missile and aviation systems for 43 years. During that time, he also trained with PFAFF and Bernina in sewing machine repair. He has written and published 25 books, to include technical books on German and Russian History, Politics, Religion, and Ancestry; Basic Electrical Troubleshooting, SINGER 221 Featherweight, STANDARD Sewhandy and GE MODEL A sewing machines, Watercolor quilts of his late wife, Betty May Kaiser, and 6 novels about his German ancestors emigration to the Volga Colonies of Russia, and later to America. 'WIDOWER' is his first book, 'Messages From GOD' his second, 'Salvation & Eternal Life' his third, and 'Once Was a Girl Called BETTY' his fourth book since his beloved wife of over 40 years suddenly passed away in Nov 2012, and left him to walk God's path, the path they shared as one for so long, now all alone. More at