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David Anthony Sam

David Anthony Sam has threecollections in print: Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves, was published June 2014 and Dark Land, White Light (1974, 2014) and his poems have appeared in over 50 journals. He was the featured writer in The Hurricane Review February 2016 issue which included 36 of his poems. Two of his poems — “Taconic Orogeny” (Vine Leaves Literary Journal #16 – 2015) and “The Work of the Body” (Touch: The Journal of Healing)—were nominated in 2015 for the 2017 Pushcart Prize. Sam was born and spent his childhood in McKeesport PA, a coal and steel suburb of Pittsburgh. His home at the end of 36th Street abutted a woods, and the games he played on that street and the time he spent in those woods all influenced his poetry as well as his sense of the holistic ecology of all things. His neighborhood was filled with immigrants and children of immigrants, and his grandparents themselves came from Poland and Syria. In 1961, the family moved with his father’s factory to Belleville,