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Image of Author David Ways - The Longest Way Home

David Ways - The Longest Way Home

David Ways embarked on a global journey in 2005, seeking home across continents from Portugal to the Far East. He founded, evolving into the premier online Nepal travel guide. Over 14 years, David has transformed travel with his digital guidebooks, introducing interactive, real-time exploration tools. In 2015, he established the Digital Archaeology Foundation, dedicated to preserving Nepal's cultural heritage. A year later, launched, aiding families of missing trekkers. His groundbreaking Nepal guidebook series began publication in 2015, quickly becoming a national bestseller. 2019 marked the release of "Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks," enhancing cultural exploration. That same year, the updated Nepal guidebook edition debuted, followed by a third edition in 2021—the only guidebook updated during the pandemic. Additionally, in 2021, David published "Kathmandu: Signs from the Past," a photography book capturing the city's historical essence, alongside the second edition of "Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks." 2022 saw the publication of "Don't Forget Your Guidebook," a fiction work, and a trekking journal. The year also introduced "Trekking in Nepal" in digital and paperback formats, alongside a new Nepal guidebook. In 2024, David continued his prolific output with new editions of the Nepal guidebook and "Trekking in Nepal Guidebook," providing travelers with comprehensive, up-to-date exploration tools.