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Michael House

"Your papa must've been successful." "He was a great worker young. 16 hours a day. It made him great money. As a matter of fact, he had 2 hands because no single hand could work the 16 hours a day work he was doing. He worked two shifts 5 days a week. Till. Till he got old." "But he had a lake house." "As a matter of fact, he had 2 lake houses. Side by side. If only he had invested his money. I did. Thousand bucks. In 8 years, it became $2,000. Cept i want to invest in something that draws quicker interest, Like cable is a good Wall Street investment. But even better thn that, start a business out of an old, crashed business. Papa made millions of dollars every year. But he got so old so fast. I wish i could invest in an invention. My classmate was a multimillionaire. His dad invented something on every car--. Oh yeah, my cousin is a billionaire. He makes video games. He has a patent on every video poker game. There're billions of them worldwide." The driver fell asleep.