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D.K. Spencer

Author D.K. Spencer likes his coffee strong and bold, the way he writes his science fiction. Bold characters. Strong ideas. That’s why you’re here. Searching the ravines and back pastures behind his Grandma’s house, D.K.’s childhood was spent looking for extraterrestrials, and hunting dinosaurs for their bones. Now he writes weird, humorous, dark, science fiction & fantasy short stories. Currently, D.K. is taking notes on alien life forms in an alternate universe. Or perhaps he’s driving a blue ‘66 Ford pickup on back country roads with coffee in hand, looking for the lost land of dinosaurs. You just never know. D.K. and his potter wife of twenty-six years, Gail, live with their companion cat in Portland, Oregon. Songs of the Etonic is his debut YA novella. Reach out. Stay informed.