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Ed Augusts

Ed Augusts,., an American citizen born in Germany of refugee parents who had escaped Communist controlled Latvia in the last year of the Second World War, was educated in Santa Clara, San Jose, and San Francisco, earning a B.A. "with distinction" at San Jose State College. During his youth, he won several writing contests, ranging from best Short Story in his Middle School, to First Prize in Natural Science at a regional Science Fair at age eleven, to winning a city-wide Library Essay contest at age 17, to the prestigious James D. Phelan award a few years later, for First Prize in Patterned Verse. He wrote some 400 poems during those years, very few of which have ever come up to public view. One of Ed's goals is to present them now in a series of books and e-books. Ed's first, "Deaths of an Orchard" (1965) was chosen to be placed in the Main Santa Clara Library's Rare Book room. Visit his Bio. blog, and other books and services at: and