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Rev. Marshall W. Durrance has ministered since 1967. He has prayerfully put into action the Biblical command, "Go ye into all the world ... and preach the Gospel," having traveled in 23 countries as pastor, teacher, prophetic conference speaker and writer. When a young man he excelled academically. However, he stresses that, although important, scholarship is not paramount. What is of much more significance is being fully committed totally to Jesus Christ. Today he uses a variety of electronic mediums to propagate the Gospel, having created a multiplicity of blogs and websites. He still travels extensively as a witness with proof the Tomb is Empty, Christ is resurrected. Our Proceeds from your purchases go to charity. The Ekklesia Foundation is a faith ministry with an international outreach. It is a non profit organization, registered with the IRS as a public foundation. Ekklesia Gold is a publishing section of the foundation.