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Tina Karle

I am a huge waterfall enthusiast as well as a coupon queen :) I love God and believe Jesus is Lord. I enjoy being out in nature always hunting for that new waterfall to be found and then maybe added to a new book for others to enjoy as well. I like to give tours to waterfalls to share knowledge about the area and how to take pictures of said waterfalls. I've been hiking an enjoying looking for waterfalls now for over 25 years. My husband started my love of hunting waterfalls by opening a new world of topography maps to me to find said waterfalls. When asked how I find these waterfalls, I just let people know, a lot of drive time driving the roads come winter to hike in to see is it a cliff line or just a dirt ditch! Lidar technology has been a game changer as the falls literally jump off the screen shouting I "might" be a waterfall! On X Hunt comes in handy to know if the falls are legal or private property! When not hunting waterfalls, I save money at the grocery store with coupons, come summer I'm hiking Red River Gorge area hunting arches, and or hang out at home with my 3 parrots and 1 cockatoo, 3 cats and my wonderful husband.