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Marian Feldman

Born in Warsaw on 22 October 1922. In 1938 he completed the State High School named after Tadeusz Kościuszko in Łuck. During academic year 1938/39 he was in class I of the ‘Laor’ Lycée in Warsaw. At the end of 1939 he fled from Warsaw to Łuck. 1940/41 he completed the Polish Middle School Nr.4 in Łuck and did a first year of studies at the Technical University of Lvov. In 1941 he was forcibly mobilized into the Red Army and took part in the fighting with the Germans in Ukraine. ... He was demobilized in December 1945 as a higher education student. In 1952 after studying at the Higher Business School in Wrocław and the Central Business School in Warsaw he was awarded a degree of Master of Economic Sciences, and in 1957 of Engineer of Wood Technology in Warsaw Central School of Rural Agriculture. 1948-1958 he worked in the Foreign Trade Company ‘PAGED’, 1960-1983 in the Polish Packaging Research & Development Center in Warsaw. In 1956 for 10 months he was an interpreter in the International Commission for Supervision and Control in Indochina. ... 1991-1996 he was elected to be Vice President of the Socio-cultural Society of Jews in Poland and President of the Central Jewish Charity Commission. ... Since 1972 he has been a member of the authors’ association ZAiKS, and from 1978 a member of the IPPO International Packaging Press Organisation. ... since 1996 (he has) been column editor and member of the Editorial Council of the specialist monthly “Opakowanie” (‘Packaging’).