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Fred Fishburne

I am my Father's son, full of grace and truth, because the Greater One lives in me. I am not of this world, my citizenship is in Heaven. I am sent of my Father, who is the Great I AM, to testify of His Kingdom. For the Father knew me before the foundations of the world. Therefore, if any man has ears to hear, let him come, and let him hear, and draw from the wells of salvation, while I am in the earth. The life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loves me and gave his life for me. I do not disappoint His Grace. Whether I live, I live unto my Father, or whether I die, I die unto my Father. Whether I live or die, I am my Father's, therefore, I choose to live, and speak good of His Name. For I have considered the wildflowers of the field, many of which live and die before my Father, having been seen by no man, but for His pleasure alone. I live my life for my Father's pleasure. My Father takes great joy living in and through me.