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Alessandro Camiz

Alessandro Camiz graduated (BArch+MArch) in Architecture at “Sapienza” University (Rome, 1999). In 2007 he discussed his doctoral thesis on “History of medieval town planning in Ravenna” (Sapienza), and therein attended Post-Doctoral studies until 2014. He taught at the Rome programme of the School of Architecture (University of Miami) and at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts of Girne American University, Cyprus, where he directed until 2018 the International Centre for Heritage Studies and the Department of Interior Architecture. He is member of ICOMOS-Italy, secretary general of the Cyprus Network for Urban Morphology and research director of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, Cyprus. He is now associate professor and director of the Laboratory of Dynamic Research on Urban Morphology at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Özyeğin University, Istanbul. His main research interests are on history of medieval architecture, urban morphology and architectural design. Recent publications: A. Camiz, (2017). Tipo, Modello, Tessuto. Dodici lezioni di Architettura, Davide Ghaleb editore, Vetralla. A. Camiz, P. Carlotti, and C. Díez eds. (2017). Urban Morphology and Design, Joint research perspectives and methodological comparison: Italy, Spain, U+D edition, Rome. G. Strappa, P. Carlotti, A. Camiz (2016). Urban Morphology and Historical Fabrics: Contemporary design of small towns in Latium, Gangemi Editore, Rome. A. Camiz (2015). L'ordine archi