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Robert Skyler

alternative history, revisionism, truth, priority, faith, world war two, supernatural, death hitler, political-science fiction, short stories, alpine redoubt, bavarian redoubt, national redoubt, southern fortress, underground, nazi germany, zhukov, stalin, stupidity, brainwashing, mind control, mkultra, mk-ultra, ignorance, collective reasoning, personal truth, long voyage, epic adventure, spark, berlin, madness, battle berlin, world, messenger, hitler youth, adolescent sanity, nightmares, shadows, fuhrerbunker, last days hitler, army, survival, death, mortality, reich chancellery, drunk guard, dealing with death, light aircraft, luftwaffe storch, fieseler, german aircraft, bavaria, female pilot, female test pilot, hanna reitsch, adolf hitler, apocalypse, city warfare, conqueror, conquered, appeasement, fuhrer, nazism, fascism, flight, babble, ends means, self abuse, prayer, perception, forgiveness, esp, breakthrough, surrender, slavery, holocaust, defensive positions, ration