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Garrison Clifford Gibson

Originally from a small farming town in eastern Washington, Gary spent most of his life in Alaska drawn to the irresistible beauty of the outdoors and its value as a positive retreat for intellectual pursuits. He hoped to get a PhD and just read and write philosophy earning a few dollars as an adjunct professor yet other circumstances prevailed. While on the road painting or living at a remote Alaska shed the author wrote several books of poetry such as A Place for Faith, The Poetry of Existence-Meanings and Matter of Spirit, books of philosophy including God, Being and Nothingness, Creation and Cosmos; The Literal Values of Genesis, Philosophy: Thought That Counts, Christianity, Evolution and Digital Universes, and The Myth of Non-Academic Philosophy. His science fiction books include; A Thought of Infinite Being, A Universal Widget-In the Realm of Forms, Novilistricka Factors, Alterwall Objectives, Cross Purposes and Wrangell'd Pulp Fiction. The author's collections of contemporary history essays include a ten-volume set called Waveform Politics, Fossil Fueled Federal Debt, several volumes of Honest History and volumes of An American Perspective. Gary worked for a time in 30 different jobs including offshore oil exploration, deckhand work on push boats, painting building exteriors and training in several Army combat mos'. He rode a bike around the U.S.A. 35,000 miles on job searches, stocked grocery store shelves and learned some dental lab technicalities.