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Gary L Scott

About the Author Gary Scott is an accomplished Playwright, Producer and Author. Founder of Brainwashing Productions, a grassroots production company that he started in 2000 with a small ragtag group newly saved Christians. Since then he has directed and produced 7 plays: o why nobody told me it would be like this o You better recognize o A love story, The Preacher and the Prostitute o The Blessing o Frustrated Christian o Barabbas and the 2 thieves o Lord can you please help a Nigga out Born June 1963 in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Gary Scott the playwright’s writing style has always been controversial and on the cutting edge. He gets most of his inspiration from true life situations. The realness that comes through in his productions can be tangibly felt. They hit with the force of a sledgehammer leaving the audience emotionally spend and visibly moved. In his first attempt at authoring a novel, he comes with the same hard hitting in your face style. He attempts to address