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David Bauscher

My wife, May, and I visited N. Ireland in July 2007. Here we are at Port Stewart with the Atlantic behind us. What a great visit May had, seeing Ireland again after leaving for the US 43 years prior in 1964! We all had a wonderful and unforgettable time. The people and the places are magical and enchanting like no other I have seen. Pastor Dave Bauscher is a former high school science teacher with a proficiency in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and has been pastoring, preaching & teaching The Bible since 1976 in several churches in the USA. He and his wife, May, also a teacher, have twelve children, all of whom they have home schooled. Pastor Dave published, “The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament”, in Jan. 2007 & “The Original Aramaic New Testament In Plain English” in Nov. -2007. He has also published The Aramaic English Interlinear Peshitta Holy Bible, 2765 pages - a complete translation of the entire Peshitta Bible- Old and New Testaments as an ebook, and also in print in 5 vol