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Hello, Welcome to an assortment of books available from TropiChaCha Press. Each title sold on Lulu has a full description with sample pages in PDF format for you to preview. Just click the thumbnail image for the full scoop. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or you can visit Ginny Lloyd's blog at If you really like what you see, feel free to give the five star rating, or even write a positive review. These options are located at the bottom of the individual book's page, accessed by clicking the thumbnail photos. Information about other books for sale can be obtained by contacting us. "NEW: Signed copies of some editions from Ginny Lloyd @ same cost plus shipping. Email for details." Note: If you are ordering from France or Germany please order from me directly via email due to issues in fulfillment. Sincerely, TropiChaCha Press P.O. Box 1424 Jupiter, Florida 33468 United States [email protected]