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Carolyn Barber

With over thirty years experience in the social care industry, Carolyn Barber is a passionate social entrepreneur. She has been involved in the development of radical new approaches since qualifying as a social worker in 1981. Her career has taken different paths from specialising in work with young offenders to management roles in local authority and voluntary sector services, and included a period of experiencing mental ill-health when she became active in the early days of 'service user involvement' in the 1990s. Her years as a social care researcher, her commitment to promoting the voice of those on the receiving end of services, and her experience as a social work practice educator, have inspired her to look at alternative, more inclusive ways of communicating how people can help themselves and others. Now working freelance, Carolyn founded The Good Mental Health Cooperative in 2012 to support community based projects that promote good mental health and wellbeing.