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Scott Collins

Scott Collins received his undergraduate degree in composition from the Berklee College of Music and a graduate degree in guitar performance from CalArts. His playing is inspired by a wide range of global music and he specializes in real-time composition. In addition to performances on several popular video games scores (God of War II, Trials Evolution) and numerous live performances, he has toured in both the U.S. and abroad, performed in several world and U.S. premiers of new works. Scott's specific emphasis is on applying real-time composition to the medium of film accompaniment. He has performed and co-lead workshops on improvisation and improvised film accompaniment in Mexicali and Mérida, Mexico. Scott is also the author of The GuitArchitect’s Guide To: series which includes books on • Modes • Melodic Patterns • Harmonic Combinatorics • Chord Scales • Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns