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Sandra Harshman lives in Idaho with her husband William Harshman . Together they created a Homeopathic HCG and as a result of the formula Sandra published a cookbook for the formula,based on Dr. Simeons Book. "The HCG Diet". Please visit our website All products are with the purest ingredient and items are fully tested. Sandra spent 12 years as a tax accountant and has spent 25 years as a successful business owner of a multitude of businesses as a MSP-ISO in merchant processing, card issuance, consultant and movie vending business and decided to publish a short and concise book about business. " How to start a Business and then Keep the money you Earn". Most important is to "Have Fun along the Way" Sandra is now in the Anti -Aging Cosmetic's Business and is Loving it and Having Fun Along the Way! Sandra has 8 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandaughters ! William and Sandra travel all over the world and Have a Whole Lot of Fun with Family and Friend