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Robert Smallwood, MBA, Master of Information Technology, Laureate of Information Technology is a founding Partner of IMERGE Consulting and has been recognized as one of the industry’s “25 Most Influential People” and “Top 3 Independent Consultants” by KM World magazine. Some of his past client organizations include Johnson & Johnson, Miller-Coors, the Supreme Court of Canada, AT&T, Xerox and IBM. He has published more than 100 articles and given more than 50 conference presentations on document, records and content management. He is the author of the upcoming book, 'Information Governance' (Wiley 2013), and also the books 'Managing Electronic Records' (Wiley 2013), 'Safeguarding Critical E-Documents: Implementing a Program to Secure Confidential Information Assets,' (Wiley 2012) 'Taming the Email Tiger,' and several others, including a novel, a play, and the first-published personal account of Hurricane Katrina.