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Inelia Benz

My whole aim, my most important intent, is that you become empowered. That you become able to succeed in life, no matter what it is you want to do, want to have or where you want to be." Inelia Benz In January 2010, she went "public as a person" in order to promote the message of empowerment and sovereignty to the masses. Emerging from anonymity, she became a messenger of personal and global empowerment . Since then, she has worked tirelessly to explore, investigate, develop, and disseminate tools, including novels, books, art, meditations and exercises that were quick, mystery-free, and highly effective -- tools which are actively used by over a million people around the planet to achieve personal empowerment and, in so doing, contributing to the goal of raising the vibration of the planet and sanity of the human species. She now lives in Neah Bay, Washington, USA, with her fiance, two cats and dog. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @ineliabenz