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Jack Goldstein

Jack is an international mentalist, traveller, author and man of mystery. He has travelled through, and performed in, numerous places including Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Equador, Peru, Iceland, Finland, South America, Central America, USA, Canada and Europe. He travels independently and simply performs where he finds himself. This may be driving through the Atacama Desert, walking in the Amazonian forest or taking in the sights of Buenos Aires. Having performed for many decades, Jack has developed his own unique style, working in all areas of mentalism and magic including street magic. His love and focus is close up mentalism, to really connect with the participant, although many of his effects can involve a wider audience. His publications always support one of his chosen charities. Jack never receives anything from the sales of his books; 100% of the profits are donated to the charity listed in each book. These range from organisations working to prevent children living and working on the streets, through to charities helping endangered animals.