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Jean Winchester

I am a transgendered English novelist and was born a native of Stratford in the East End of London in September 1952 and raised in nearby Leyton, developing a lifelong interest in literature, joining my local library when I was three. Always a scribbler, I wrote my first stories as a child and my favourite book is a dictionary. A polymath, shy, slightly synaesthete with a predilection for the supernatural since childhood, after working at hundreds of jobs for twenty-five years, I decided that writing was the only activity I could do passably well and so, in 1994, after the death of my parents, decided to change my life around and write as a transgendered woman. Although having assisted in various TV and film projects, I enjoy privacy and I am known for my hermit-like existence, being fully cognizance of how people react to my preferred gender. I now live in Essex, (no cats) and write under the name, Molly Cutpurse.