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Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett is a poet: seven books available here; also published in The Fiddlehead, Event, The New Quarterly, and Prairie Fire. Jim started writing poetry in high school. Mentored by one English teacher, and rekindled by Richard Ketchum, Jim kept writing. Jim does Kindle Book Reviews, with roughly two hundred to date. Jim has taught a one-lecture class in using poetic techniques in prose writing. Jim Bennett is an unlikely poet: M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics, programmer, designer, and application architect at IBM, CIBC, and SimVest Solutions, you’d expect a techie’s techy and be correct. Still, Jim has varied interests and views his career(s) as funding for himself, his wife, their children, and writing. (Poets rarely get rich by their poems; Jim suspected this and directed his efforts accordingly). Jim takes pictures; some of his cover images started there. He keeps tropical fish, but is not expert. Jim Bennett is a poet. Everything else is secondary, except his wife and children.