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J. K. Viers

Judith Kuzmak Viers is a Licensed Master level Social Worker (LMSW) and has over a decade of lived experience struggling and now thriving with a mental illness. She is a therapist working with all ages, a writer, and a mother. She now writes for all ages and audiences. She founded the nonprofit organization Share Hope through Art under the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Maryland in 2021 after losing two loved ones to suicide as a suicide prevention outreach. Press Release: The COVID-19 pandemic spurred an unprecedented increase in depression and anxiety, highlighting the gaps in available mental health services for those who need them the most. In response to this global mental health crisis, Judith Kuzmak Viers presents her new book The Ultimate Guide to Hope and Healing in a Crap-Filled World part of the Crap Happens Philosophy Book series is an interactive, honest look into mental health and positive ways to process negative circumstances beyond our control. Crap Happens Philosophy is built on Viers’ educational and professional background in clinical social work. Beyond this, it draws from her own struggles with mental health and the lack of social support and therapeutic professional help available to survivors of mental illness. The book shares her heart and humor in a compilation of coping strategies and mechanisms, interactive exercises, and inspirational quotes. When crappy things happen, do something positive to deal with the crap!