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Welcome to my Emporium. WARNING Some of the essays in Sacramental Thinking are also in "the Way of the Fool"; "American Anthroposophy"; and "The Art of God". The poems in "The American Quartet" are also in "On the Nature of Public Life". "Counter Moves" is included in "Uncommon Sense". "The Misconception of Cosmic Space ... " is also in "The Art of God". Some material in "Dangerous Anthroposophy" is also in "Manure for the Garden of Anthroposophy" NEW: ALL DOWNLOADS ARE NOW COSTLY AND ALL BOOKS HAVE HIGHER PRICES THAN BEFORE. Some, not All, can be read at my website Shapes in the Fire (see link below) for free. My YouTube Channel (link also below) "the foolish philosopher" is an oral presentation in over 270 videos of most of the ideas in my writings. There is a lot of material on my website and my YouTube channel that is not in my books. MY LATEST WORK IS AT THE COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION