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Jonathan Land Evans

Mr. Evans is a widely-published author, often focusing on his native Bermuda. Books from his series on Bermuda's modern history as well as his 'Bermuda in Painted Representation' (Author's Text-Only 2022 Preview Edition) chronological art history, his 'Encyclopedia of Bermuda Artists' (10th Anniversary edition, 2019) and his various collections of Essays and short fiction, are available for purchase through His other full-length books include his 'A Carto-Bibliography for Bermuda, 1511-1948', a privately-published adjunct to his illustrated book 'Bermuda Maps: A Cartographic History of the Somers or Summer Islands, 1511-1948' published by the National Museum of Bermuda in 2017. He has been a frequent contributor to publications of the Bermuda Maritime Museum/National Museum of Bermuda, including its books 'Four Centuries of Friendship' and 'Dr. Savage's Bermuda'. Six short stories have featured on, and his 'Collected Stories' was reviewed by 'US Review of Books'.