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Julie E Brent

Julie E. Brent is a gifted conscious channel, visionary, empath and author. She opened the Reiki Center of Fairhope in 2012; is a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum-Touch practitioner, uses Light Language, Reflexology - creator of Reflex-ation modality, Homeopathy, Ho'oponpono, and Yoga in her work. Channel of Goddess Pele offering the Earth-Self Meditation. She has published one book and writing two more, and contributed a story to Thomas Freese's More Stories of Ghosts, Spirits and Angels, 2011 (Acclaim Press). Julie was educated at the University of Kentucky and Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy. Her travels include the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, USSR, Turkey and Great Britain. She lives in Fairhope Alabama on the Gulf Coast of the US. Contact by email: [email protected]