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Julian Gooden

Julian Gooden is a fervent advocate for natural health who embarked on her own healing journey in the face of personal health challenges. Fueled by a deep passion for holistic well-being, she dedicated countless hours to researching the art of natural healing. During this exploratory phase, Julian encountered the teachings of Dr. Sebi, immersing herself in his wisdom through video lectures and interviews. This experience prompted her to delve even further into the world of natural healing. Armed with the lessons learned, Julian not only successfully healed herself but also extended her support to others, harnessing the transformative power of diet, herbs, and fasting. As the proprietor of 'The African Biomineral Balance' (, a blog dedicated to the principles of Dr. Sebi's teachings, Julian shares a wealth of content. Her platforms feature videos, articles, excerpts, and resources that delve into and promote the holistic wisdom of Dr. Sebi. Julian also owns 'Ital is Vital' (, a comprehensive health blog that features many important health topics and healing approach. In addition to her online blogs, Julian has authored several books, including "Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs Volume 1", "Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs Volume 2", "Healing Fibroid Tumours Naturally", "Healing The Prostate", and “The Herpes Protocol”.