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I am excited to share with you that I am a newly published author. Paddleduck! Julie, A Little Girl from Texas, is my first book. I grew up with four sisters and we have many memories. After years of storytelling to nieces, nephews and other children, I have collected my stories in a book titled Paddleduck! Paddleduck #1 describes the adventures of my friends, family, neighbors and classmates. Each story has a moral lesson. Paddleduck #2 Julie, Living in Texas. Paddleduck #3 ABC Book is for early childhood development. As a child, my grandfather said I looked like a duck paddling in the water when I went swimming. He called me, "Paddleduck". I bought many books and decided to publish my own. Best Diet for Life, a weigh to health is Paddleduck 4, my weight loss journey, and Bible, Prayers, and Miracles is #5, I almost lost two sisters. These books are followed by, All About Texas History #6, Aunt Julie's Friends and Family Cookbook #7 and more to come. Happy Reading, Aunt Julie