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Jurgen Ziewe

Jurgen Ziewe has been following a strict regime of meditation since 1969. Then one day, out of the blue, at breakfast, he spontaneously experienced a total dissociation from his body and entered a state of what he described as one of absolute clarity. After this, he continued his meditation practice, paying homage to the experience with more humility than before. He directly attributes the spontaneous Out-of-body experiences that followed for the next fifty years to this powerful experience of consciousness singularity. Jurgen has spent hundreds of hours, mostly in a super waking awareness in these out-of-body states, which frequently lasted several hours. He soon mapped out what he considered the multidimensional reality man inhabits after physical death. His significant experiences were chronicled in his diaries and later published in his books, “Multidimensional Man” in 2008 and “Vistas of Infinity” in 2015, by which time he had experienced another singularity event on a solitary mountain retreat, later published in his book, “The Ten Minute Moment”. Jurgen sees himself as a reporter, not as a teacher. His down-to-earth narrative has attracted the attention of the science community, where he gave lectures at universities and consciousness conventions.