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Karen Milne

Karen Milne grew up on the outskirts of Sydney on the upper North Shore surrounded by the natural beauty of the Australian bush. Through her Mothers side of the family, she is a seventh generation Australian with her ancestors Deborah Ellam and John Herbert arriving as convicts on the first fleet in Sydney Cove in January 1788. In 1995, Karen first took an interest in her family history through extensive research conducted by the Herbert Association, of which her Mother and Aunt were members. Inspired by the story of Deborah, a young convict woman transported to the new penal colony of New South Wales, Karen wrote the book, ‘A New Dawn.’ A second book continuing the story of Deborah's life is currently in the works. Karen is married with two adult daughters and currently lives on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River, north-west of Sydney with her two horses, dog and three cats. She has a love of history of the Sydney area, particularly around the historic Macquarie towns of the Hawkesbury area.