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Karen O'Leary

From editors requesting revisions to suggestions from my friends, Many have aided in my journey which is far from over yet. Sifting through their comments, pulling out what I can use, I make adjustments to my writing and feel my words improve. Sharing thoughts with others has helped me grow along the way. I am richer for their input and grateful that they gave. Acknowledgements Thank you to Patricia Farnsworth-Simpson, my editor and publisher. Her beautiful cover design was the inspiration to begin this journey. Without her generosity and guidance, this book would have never been born. She is a published author and the director of The Writers and Poetry Alliance. See link to her publishing website below I would also like to thank the members of The Writers and Poetry Alliance for your encouragement and support. For those that want to be a part of this writers’ haven, please refer to-- See The Writers and Poetry Alliance. Link below...