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KD Law

When asked about who her greatest inspirations were, KD Law reflected fondly on her childhood spent watching crime TV shows such as Perry Mason and even Murder She Wrote. These early influences greatly impacted her love for mysteries and storytelling. In addition, her close friends played an important role in motivating her to take the first steps towards becoming a writer. While watching movies with them, she loved to brainstorm out loud and suggest how she would rewrite the storyline. Her friends consistently reminded her that she should start the process of writing her own book. Now, KD is a first-time proud novelist and feminist with a passion for helping others. Having grown up on the quintessential scenic island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, KD seeks to open the door of opportunity even wider for Caribbean writers such as herself. After she migrated to the United States at a young age, she discovered a love and fascination for suspense thrillers and drama movies. These films sparked her interest in the genre and, eventually, she began to conceptualize and develop her own ideas for a compelling story. KD currently writes from her cozy home in the suburbs, and her favorite aspect of her career is the feeling she gets from creating a story that her readers can’t put down.When she isn’t writing, KD enjoys relaxing with a nice bottle of wine and participating in intense and exhilarating conversations.