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kevin boothby

Kevin lives with his wife Liz in Wethersfield near Braintree, Essex. He started writing poems in 2007 when he and Liz lost their first Newfoundland called "Finnegan". Shortly after having his first poem published in a local magazine people started asking him to write poems about their dogs and he got the bug. Liz and Kevin have 3 Newfoundland Dogs as well as 3 black Labradors so there are always plenty of stories to tell and things to write about. Kevin and Liz are also members of a Newfoundland working group called "Three Counties Newfoundlands", who can be regularly seen at Country Shows around the south of England. Kevin is the co-ordinator for the group and he arranges all the external events and the website. When they are not busy with the shows at weekends they are usually out water training or carting, of course with the Newfies.