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Kevin V. Hunt

Kevin is a historian, author, blogger, speaker, researcher of family history, Boy Scout camp director and a 55-year Scouting Veteran, An Eagle Scout with 4 palms. Kevin Is a Graduate of BYU with BS in Youth Leadership and served 7 years as a Professional Scouter. Has authored numerous children’s books, many on youth leadership and Scouting, and family history and heritage. Blogsite: [email protected] Has daily journal entries for EVERY DAY for 48 years – and much of his writing comes from the experiences noted in the journal entries. Hobbies: Writing books and blogs, cooking, event planning, family history research, camping and woodcarving. He and wife, Lou, live in Maricopa, Arizona and have 9 Children (6 daughters, 3 Eagle Scout Sons), 41 Grandchildren. Authored books include: "Writing the Journal of Your Life - The How and Why of Journaling", "Gnubie to Eagle Scout", "The Apostle Peter", "The Immortal Dean Hunt - 65th Birthday Commemorative Edition", "Dean", "Mr. Scoutmaster", "Keys to Successful Scouting", "Planning for Youth Programs", "Christmas Reflections - 30 Years in Song and Verse", "Christmas Is ... A Christmas Musical Cantata", "Eternally Yours", multiple Family Heritage books on various ancestral lines, and more.