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Keith Osmond

Born in Tiverton, Devon, high school in Taunton, Somerset, and migrated to Canada at age 19, I have always been a person interested in the interesting. I had early experiences with unexplained sightings at ancient sites in England and Wales, and in fact I did find a fossil with a piece of gold jewelry embedded in its matrix. This and other experiences over my 60 plus lifetime has given me a natural curiosity of the Unexplained. I am not particularly religious, but there are some very odd and unexplained goings-on in the world worth writing about, and in my first book, "Ooparts", I try to weave a story around my fossil. I did a lot of research in writing my first novel, and I included some interesting facts in the pages that some readers will find intriguing. We recently visited some sites that I mention in the book, Ooparts (Worth Matravers and Lyme Regis). Should any reader be so inclined to travel, I cannot recommend these places enough for those with the adventurous spirit