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Kimberly Davis

Dr. Kimberly Davis, Founder, and Principal of Top Performance Leadership Group, LLC, is an Educational Leadership graduate in Transformational Leadership from Concordia University-Portland. Her Organization Development research explored how Appreciative Inquiry (AI) practitioners determine impact. She has identified a pivotal point in motivation to change. She termed the Paradigm Fulcrum ©, an emergent concept she continues to develop by integrating the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (Organizational Behavior Management, OBM), human performance improvement, and Transformative Emotional Intelligence (TEI) with the strengths-based AI change model for coaching and training excellence in education, business, healthcare, and personal development. Dr. Davis is a successful speaker, entrepreneur, and business consultant who served as a business leader for major corporations and is an active researcher and published author. Dr. Davis serves as an administrator in the education sector and adjunct instructor in a teacher development program while speaking, publishing, coaching, and consulting business and educational organizations. She is further credentialed as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Transformative Emotional Intelligence (TEI) coach, and a Mental Health First Aid Trainer.