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KIm Dallesandro

Poetry and lyrical writing led to short stories and Kim Dallesandro’s ability to find the discipline to condense words and incite emotions writing with precision and economy. Selections of her writing were published in Paraphilia Magazine in 2012-2014. In 2021 she wrote two novels, the first ‘TRAINS’ based on a true story, and “MAD DOG TAG’ a piece she’d worked on for over a decade, both published by Oneiros Books in 2021, reprinted by Incunabula Media in 2022. “DREAM MAKER” a novel, “THE SEDUCTION OF SOLITUDE” a collection of short stories and poetry and the novel “DEAD END CUL DE SAC” were published by Incunabula Media in 2022, followed by three novels “OKLAHOMA”, “RENO” and “STEAM” published in 2023. She has just finished writing her ninth book, “THE FRAGILITY OF ICE” which will be published in 2024 by Incunabula Media. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Joe and her cat Winston.