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KyL Cobb

For over 25 years, KyL T. Cobb, Jr. has traveled the world in search of the unknown. Covering 58 countries and studying 22 religions, Cobb routinely experiences many of the world’s great mysteries first hand. From demons to apparitions to frauds to con men, Cobb runs toward things others are fleeing As a consulting demonologist and paranormal researcher, Cobb’s insatiable research ability can frustrate his clients as more than one historical sites has been forced to revise their history after a Cobb investigation. As a scholar, Cobb has spent a lifetime researching the obscure. From reading hundreds of ancient Egyptian tomb texts to reading 5,500 editions of a town’s newspaper, no fragments of history have defied Cobb’s study. Cobb was born in Griffin, Georgia and lived in rural Spalding County during a kinder gentler age. He presently lives in Charleston, South Carolina.