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La'Tyereia Brooks

La'Tyereia is a 18yr old author from Fort Worth Texas who suffers from dyslexia. La'Tyereia was diagnosed with this learning disability at the age of seven. With the help of La'Tyereia's mom, along with her teachers through out the years, she was able to get a better understanding of this learning disability, and what it meant to be dyslexic. La'Tyereia came up with TJ's Tales series as a sophomore in high school, she is now a Senior in high school where she attends Burleson Centennial in Burleson Texas, where she plans to graduate in spring of 2021. La'Tyereia has been faced with many challenges due to this learning disability, but she continues to fight each day to overcome whatever obstacles that may stand in her way. So she decided to write her story through her character TJ, Tracy Jenkins which is a 7yr old little girl who suffers from dyslexia. La'Tyereia loves animals, and plans on going to school to become a veterinarian, while she continues to write TJ's Tales series. Stay Tuned