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Image of Author Louise Camilleri Natural Healthy Beauty

Louise Camilleri Natural Healthy Beauty

Louise Camilleri is the founder and CEO of LC Natural Health & Beauty. Louise works as a Natural Health Practitioner, Beauty Food Advisor, Holistic Skin Care Formulator, Natural Perfumer, Skin Care Consultant, and is an Author, Singer/Dancer/Actor, wife, and mother of 2 boys. Her greatest passion lies in natural health and wellness, mindful living, D-I-Y, and being of service to others. LC Natural Health & Beauty is built on the foundation that what you FEED YOUR BODY will FEED YOUR SKIN and what you FEED YOUR SKIN will FEED YOUR BODY. This mantra fuels her holistic approach to balancing the mind, body, spirit, connection for optimal health, wellness, and beauty from the inside out with natural skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, spa accessories, and mindfulness programs that are safe, effective, and good for you!