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Robert Laplander

Robert J. Laplander: Military Historian. World's leading authority on the 'Lost Battalion' of the 77th Division during WW1. Born: 23 February 1966 in Tuscon, Arizona. Married to: Trinie Liz. Three children: John, Joy and Jack. Lives in Tichigan, Wisconsin. Former Captain with the Wisconsin Military Cadet Corps, HQ CO/339th BN/84th DIV. Recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from 77th Sustainment Brigade, US Army Reserve. The only living civilian awarded the privilidge of wearing the patch of the 77th Infantry Division, at the behest of the final divisional commander, Major-General William Terpeluk, in recognition of his outstanding work in recording a major event in their history during WW1. Recipient of the Robert G. Brewer award from the Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol for excellence in achievement in recording the history of the 50th Aero Squadron during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in WW1. Delivers professional development lectures on leadership under fire to the U.S. Army and ROTC.