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Linda S. DiFranco

I have loved to draw since I was five years old. I am the first daughter of Alice and my love for creativity and people are because of her. She provided the crayons and pencils, my father provided the paper, my brother, Steve Halford, provided his artistic influence and God provided my gift of creativity. My passion is to share and inspire creativity with the belief that anything is possible. Creative energy is positive energy, it sets your soul free! The project of creating the series of Little Alice books, through drawing over 120 illustrations, has changed my life! Most of the little drawings seemed to come out of the paper by themselves. The thrill of seeing your thoughts and creations in print is so uplifting and satisfying. Each Christmas as of 2019, Little Alice will have a new adventure! I am displaying other artist's work also. I have enjoyed helping others produce their own calendars and books. A book is a piece of you to leave behind when you step into the light. Enjoy!