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Image of Author Luigi Agostini

Luigi Agostini

Musicista, compositore, autore e produttore di software e hardware per l'audio 3D multicanale. Author, composer, musician and sound designer. Owner of LA Digital Solutions and creator of the work environments "XITE-3D Pro" and "3D Audio Station". Ex co-founder of A&G Soluzioni Digitali, he is the owner of two international patents concerning 3D audio DSP and tracking. X-spat boX2, See'n'Sound and X-spat player are some of his most famous products. The 3D Enhanced Surround Technology (3D-EST) is his latest intuition, and the social network, created by himself, is the place where composers and sound designer coming from all the world's countries share their soundscape compositions with the listeners. President of the TRIM cultural association, he is producing the rock theater show "The Myths and the Unbeliever", inspired by the characters created for his books "Il Giardino dei Tarocchi" and "Tages" and for the comic book "Le Leggende del Giardino dei Tarocchi".